Fearless Friday

Friday September 17th

Sometimes we need to Fear our selves when we don’t think for our selves. Ultimately, it means being fearlessly brave to think on your own.

I’ve heard so many famous guru type people and mental health practitioners judge people for doing good things.

They say things like “oh when you give something to someone, you do it because it makes you feel good”.

My reply always is “Who taught you how to think like that? Have you ever thought of questioning that comment?” And “How do you know what is motivating my generosity or anyone else’s when they give?” Is it always the same or different?

Recently, a friend invited me to their home because they are injured and home bound.

So I thought, I’ll buy them lunch so they can eat to take a little pressure off the day with the added benefit of letting them know someone cares about them, that their not alone (that was my motivation).

Everyone can use a sense of community especially when in a weakened state.

Me buying lunch had nothing to do with me… I was out $15.00 and someone else ate instead of me.

You do the math… how is that meant to make me feel better when really I did it so someone else could eat and feel supported while ill. And that’s it.

They feel good because their belly’s full and of course I feel good because they do. It’s only right because we are all connected somehow. Yes, in the end I felt good but the motivation was to make them feel better.

Is it better they starve and feel lonely? I won’t feel starved or lonely if I don’t buy them lunch so why would it be the same by buying them lunch… the whole point of it is for them to feel better.

How can you make a difference in someone’s life today.
1. If someone you know in a compromised state of health, you can call them and ask them what you can do for them.
2. Whatever they said, do it for them if you can.
3. Make sure they are feeling better with you’ve done.

I will always do thoughtful things for people irregardless of what they think because they are free to do so.

People should fear not thinking for themselves. And in the end, few glad they think for themselves.

Regardless of whatever other people think they know my motivation for doing things, I know what my motivation is… creating good feelings amongst people so they spread to the next person whether they’re your child, a student, a colleague, a boss, a customer or your self. It’s never just about you because what you do affects everything around you.

I am fearlessly doing my best to make this world a better place, one film at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time and during trainings at any time.

Be smart and be free to think for your self, fearlessly and by being brave.

With sincere interest in building your best,