Fearless Friday

Friday, October 1st

Now more than ever, we live in a safe place because we don’t have to hunt for our food and our food doesn’t have to hunt for us.  99.999% of the time, we’re safe.  

Yet so much of what we hear about is all about the bad stuff that happens instead of the good stuff.  

And it’s the bad stuff we hear about that scares people more than it should.  

But, because the bad stuff is talked about over and over again, even though just happens once… it scares the heck out of people because it gets so reinforced with repetitive reminding. 

So what can we do to stop ourselves from being programmed into fear and instead take that bad stuff to make us aware so we avoid the same mistakes of others… because that’s the reward of listening to the bad stuff but as many times as you need to learn the lesson.  

And unless there’s new news about it, what reason is there to reinforce it by listening to it? 

So here’s what I do: 

  1. Listen to important news once a day and sometimes once a week.  
  2. If something I hear makes things sad, I change direction and do and think something else and immerse my self in a new task. 
  3. Remember to always remember you can change how to feel by changing what there is to do and think. 

When I think of the big picture, instead of what stuff I’ve heard recently, I’m reminded to focus on the life I have, how to improve it and add value to other’s life. 

Fear can be handled while Safety is mostly with us and within us most of the time.  

With sincere interest in building your best,