Fearless Friday

Friday, June 25th

Of course I have fears, but only of the things that may cause danger… Everyone needs to avoid those things that impose danger. And then there are times where you just don’t want to do something because you don’t like it.

A friend invited me to go on a cruise around New York City and I said that’s not something I would enjoy.

And they said, “but you’re a phobia relief expert, why are you afraid of water?” I said “I’m not going because there’s anything to fear, I’m not going because I don’t like cruises.”

Just because I didn’t want to go, my friend assumed it was out of fear and made a false judgement. They were making an assumption based on what they believed to be true even though it had nothing to do with how I felt.

People are too quick to judge based on what they think instead of what’s really happening.

I love the water. I love swimming. I love diving into it. I’ve swam with sharks and in waters 30 meters/ 33 yards deep. I’ve driven boats in storms. These are all things I’ve done in the water.

I fear people’s beliefs more about what they think is true when it’s not because sometimes it steers them in a silly direction that separates them from others, especially their family and friends and even while doing business.

Everyone in film production knows the importance of the members of the film crew connecting. If there’s one loud mouth who disrupts the whole flow, it can impact the final outcome.

And when I was being filmed one time, I knew I had to create a lot of energy for the camera to pick up. The cameraman said to me various things including “you help people be relaxed, why so nervous”. Most people think of themselves as nervous while public speaking when really they are excited to be inspiring others.

And that’s what I was in that moment… excited! And yet, the cameraman made an assumption that had nothing to do with how I was feeling.

It may be better to fear assumptions, voluntary or involuntary, so you find the truth and proceed to do business and find connections that really work for you to continue to flow through life with accomplishment.

All the best,
I Can Make You Think Smarter