Fearless Friday

Friday, July 26th

The basics of economics… tell us that any money plan implemented has it’s effect not just today but in the future because wherever you put that money and spend it influences the entire system around it.

This influence varies if it’s spent by a government, company or individual. Any way you look at it, the last two are there for a profit where income is greater than expense. Who wants to be at a loss anyway.

As an individual and homeowner, everyone has to fix things at one point. As in the case of having to change a pipe.

The plumber comes… does some work, an hour later takes a coffee break… comes back does some work… an hour later takes an hour lunch break… comes back to work… works some more until two hours before the work day ends for most, for the plumber it’s 3 p. m.

In the end, the plumber worked six hours and the invoice they want you sign says eight hours. Hah… what do you do… write on the invoice-client observed six hours of work so you don’t take a loss for his profit. In the end, you pay for what they did, not what they want.

I realize everyone has to earn a living but the truth is, there’s gotta be some more respect and value in what people do. For this plumber who has a child, do they want their daughter or son taking a loss for someone else’s gain?

What can you do to conserve your own home economy:
1. Watch people who work for you, the quality of their work, the time they spend and the end of the day synopsis of that in their invoice compared to what you observed.
2. What the invoice says… does it match your notes of what you observed? If you don’t understand a work description or a part they describe, ask them what that part is.
3. Remember you are not hiring them to like you. You’ve hired them to serve you with a service that is meant to be done properly. They will think you’re a pain! Is it more important for you to care what they think of you or care more about them completing what you hired them for right???

Your money is not some one else’s until they provide you with a service… and they do it properly according to law, safely and to your needs. You have to Fear people not doing this because some people will. So be there and observe and be fearless in being a pain to them but a value to your self.

I’ve seen contractors fill a wall with garbage before they tape and plaster it closed to save the expense of disposing it properly. Some people are living with garbage and don’t even know it because they weren’t there.

When a person realizes their actions influence their whole world around them, the instinct is to influence so that everyone wins, not just them—because that’s just basic economics, of time and money.

A greater loss is far less desirable than a greater profit, not just of money but of experience, for anyone. Pay attention and spend your money and time wisely with your self and others. Where you spend your time is as equal as where you spend your money.

With sincere interest in building your best,