Fearless Friday

Friday, August 20th

You know that song, love is all you need… well you need to be fearless enough to have the courage to love… you need to be free enough to love.

So many people argue in their own homes with the people they love the most. It’s like they’ve created a battleground where they live with the enemy. Well, why not switch that scenario to be the complete opposite. Live in a loving nest.

Just the other day, I saw a nest nestled in the crevice of a New York City building. There were three little birds and momma bird came randomly to feed them. And Pappa bird hung out too. They knew she’d be back to take care of them. Then a few days later, the nest was empty. The baby birds grew strong and built their own life flying somewhere special just for them. The nest is still there if ever needed. The foundation was built strong enough to withstand the changing weather.

It’s up to us how we build our home.
So that you live in a lovingly nested home where you feed one another with love and respect for who you are and what you do. To be free enough to fly and live life, in love.

So what can you do to love the people you love even more…
1. do something for them you’ve never done before. There’s a reason the small things really count. Even if it’s just a little something they love.
2. tickle their ear randomly so they know you care enough to make them feel good then smack a kiss on their lips ever so lovingly (of course someone who’s permission you have for this)
3. do whatever else is meaningful for them to make them feel good in a loving way. Find out and if you can’t figure it out, ask them and do it, wait a few days so there’s an element of surprise.

Fear less to love more!
Everyone wants to be loved, feel loved and give love. The more we love the more love comes back at us. Just love to love.

With sincere interest in building your best,