Fearless Friday

Friday, September 3rd

So you know how I guide people to overcome their fears and bad memories, sometimes people say things like “I feel so good I’m afraid it’s going to end” and the truth is it might but no matter what happens, you can always change your attitude about it…. change how you’re thinking about it… so that you feel even better.

And you know in business, what can happen sometimes is things don’t go your way but there’s always a solution and you can always connect with the situation in a way that you aim your brain to find the best way to deal with it and get the outcome you want. It’s the nature of success.

Enjoy the good when it’s happening so that when something goes wrong, you can make it go right so you get back on track to feeling good again.

If someone is afraid of not feeling good, it’s only feeding the fear. But if we know life will throw a curve ball every once and a while, because we have built a foundation of strength, it is a smoother ride knowing your will overcome it and be better for it.

It’s about seeing the future. Because all bad things end. And we can always make them better.

From Fear to Freedom,