Fearless Friday

Friday, May 21st

It’s a glorious day to live fearlessly on the planet. Why? Because it just is. Because there’s no reason to live in fear when you know you are safe. But, it’s good to fear when you’re not safe… when your safety is compromised.

And whenever it is that you have a challenge, a block in your life, instead of running into the block… walk around it so that you can continue on your way to what it is that you always wanted to do and get done.

It’s like flying like a bird just spanning your wings so that you can fly forward through life with the greatest speed and precision and accuracy in order to the land the target life that you want and then once you’ve got it… well what can you do to maintain happiness because a lot of people I know achieve the wealth the richness, the family, the home, the cars… they get everything they ever wanted and then they think… what next? 

…and there’s a lot next especially when you plan for it because you can always feel better about the things that you achieve so that you achieve more and more the more that you feel good about it. 

In the past, I had a client who’s a celebrity coach for celebrities who are addicted to certain things in their life and he came to me because he had his own addiction and he was afraid the people were gonna find out about it and ruin his reputation and I said to him you know there’s a good reason to fear here not only because of your habits because you came to see me without me signing any sort of agreement to protect privacy and it’s not my style to rat out someone but instead maintain their privacy.  I would never tell you their name because they’re are so many of them it would be hard to guess.  But, the truth is you need to fear if you’re not gonna protect yourself so that you finally do protect yourself. Be smart. 

So what can you do to protect yourself even when you’re safe:

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings – if anything is out of the norm you need to pay more attention and get out if you need to or stay and enjoy in the environment if it’s no big deal.
  2. Pick your fights because sometimes it’s just easier and safer to walk away if someone is blowing up in your face. You can simply just take a step in a different direction and move out of their way.  
  3. Avoid conflict… avoid either making it on your own or getting involved in someone else’s because conflict often turns into catastrophe.  

Each and everyone of us has something special within us to do on this planet as beautiful as it is and it is unique to you as your fingerprint and it’s up to you to either bury it or let it thrive within you to make a difference. 

When you look back at it all, your entire life, would you rather be dissatisfied knowing about what you could’ve done and didn’t do or would you rather be happy and glad that you accomplished all that you could have.

With since your interest in Building Your Best, 

I am Kalliope