Motivational Monday

Monday January 4th 2021

Some years ago it was said that love is all you need. Nowadays, it’s that, a medical facial mask and standing 6 feet away from other people. With this greater distance from each person and humanity in general, community is more important than ever.

At the beginning of this year my father fell and had trauma to his head that resulted in emergency surgery. Prior to accepting this life saving procedure, I asked to meet the doctor and his hands. 

And when he turned the corner to greet us, his calm glow let me know my father was in a special man’s hands—even though he said “this is a 90-year-old man, no one knows what will happen as a result of this surgery”.

After I asked for a few moments alone with my father—knowing the powerful influence of suggestion—I whispered in his ear “dad, you will remember and connect with the ❤️love ❤️ we share, that we’ve built as a family and I want you to sense 👁 this love deep in your heart 🫀 and in your mind 🧠 and remember you will wake up from this feeling like a 27-year-old bachelor buck, 🕺🏻ready for anything.”  As he nodded his head in understanding, I had no idea if I would ever see him again. 

The next day my father spoke all day—eager to share his thoughts of the things he always wanted to say to his family and friends. It was through the hands of skilled doctor of modern medicine that he was alive and miraculously well—celebrating. 

Then the day after a different doctor lowered his blood pressure thinking that was the right thing to do. Well, it wasn’t. 

The surgeon deliberately raised it to pump blood to his head to heal. Fortunately, I walked into my father’s room to visit the moment his hand started curling, indicating a stroke of bad luck.  I called for immediate medical attention and they took him into the emergency room.  

When he came out of that—he was unable to breathe on his own, unable to walk, talk, eat or drink. 

But, he could hear and so I spoke to him about his strong will, giving him the ability to restore his own health. The surgeon had said “it’s up to him”.  

Because, after all his current condition was due to error, and in our world, errors can be fixed. 

This, is despite the fact the doctor who made this error said to me, he said “he will never walk again.” I told him “you don’t know where my father is from and nor do you know who he is. “

Throughout the weeks of physical therapy, I and his three best friends took turns visiting my father through the slow process of his healing. 

In their 70s and 80s, they shlepped on the train and buses of New York City during the early winter just before Covid started and said to him every time, he will walk again.

He had support and a sense of community and it guided him to launch and ignite his will.

Today he is walking 🏃🏼‍♂️talking 🗣 eating on his own 🍔 and sharing stories of the life he created and how he did it. 

He came to the land of opportunity, America 🇺🇸 with just a $1.36 in his pocket, was homeless eating chocolate in Grand Central station—alone, yet with—in his mind—the community he left behind.  

Fortunately, he does not remember being paralyzed but only remembers what makes him happy and with great deal of love in his heart and a strong bond with his friends and me that helped him heal.

So, for this new year: 

  1. How can you build community in the absence of human interaction? —because keeping a distance is helping us stay alive.  
  2. What more can you do to strengthen your will to be your best? 
  3. When and how can you bond with community? 

Now, more than ever, in the absence of human interaction, building community is as important as living in it.  

It doesn’t mean you have to like the people in your community!!!

But, having a connection within community threads you into the very beauty of being alive and connected with all that is, especially with what makes you  unique to share it with others.  

Keep your distance to maintain your well being while bonding with your community. 

To you all—be safe, be well and make this new year one that builds—who you are and what you do—with love in your heart, connection with others and all that you need the most to be well. 

All the best, Kalliope
America’s # 1 Phobia Relief Expert©