Motivational Monday

Monday May 10th

You know, the best way to learn is peacefully so the information lands as best as it can, especially when you throw yourself into doing something you’ve never done before.

People have a natural need to feel safe and when we learn something new, it can be nerving because too often we judge ourselves if we haven’t done it perfectly. But the truth is, it’s ok to make a mistake as long as you learn what you need to do to make it better the next time you do it.

Someone once said golf is a good walk spoiled. Whoever said it… didn’t play or didn’t play well. Because those of us who play, love the game and love walking to the next hole so UCB we can’t wait to take the next shot.

It’s that perfect shot that feels like the feeling of greatness that keeps us coming back.

But one thing I do know is that if you just walk the course, even backwards from the 19th hole to the first… catching if your paying attention… of course you can start at the 18th hole instead… so if you’re start from the 18th hole and walk the course from the 18th green to the 1st Tee, you can learn things about the course you didn’t see before playing it in order.

You can see the slope of the green in ways you didn’t see before. You can notice where you want to position the ball on the fairway so you have an open entry onto the green. It’s about creating the doorway to be productively successful.

There some things to remember about learning something new no matter what you do…

  1. It’s ok to make mistakes. Take in the experience of the outcome you didn’t want and ask yourself what you can do to do better next time.
  2. Do something different from what you’ve ever done with what you normally do.
  3. Go do what you normally do and take mental notes of how your ability has changed or not. If it hasn’t, what is something more drastically different and do that. Go do what you normally do again and catch what’s different in your ability.

Practice is what makes you better at anything you do and the productivity that comes from it drives us to do more because it feels so good. The sense of accomplishment you have can be contagious.

By doing the same thing over and over again, the brain gets bored and the outcome is skewed as a result. Think about it… if ate the same meal everyday of the week, how would you feel about that food on the 7th day?

By doing something different, different parts of the brain are activated. It lights up parts of the brain that weren’t lit before. This way when you go do the same activity you love, those parts of the brain will be more connected with a fresh charge.

With sincere interest in building your best life ever,