Motivational Monday

Monday, May 17th

Sometimes when people get to where they want to be, they look back and think I shoulda done it another way even though they achieve what they intended.  

When I was giving a lesson… I know some of you are wondering  how golf has anything to do with fear… because the best sellers I’ve written have helped so many people because it’s all about the size of the pictures inside our minds.  Good or bad.  

We feel the most pictures that are big – bad or good – and it’s about making humongous pictures of the stuff that makes you feel good. 

Back to the lesson… While it was happening, a golfer on the nearby fairway strongly rolled his Tee shot after flying low onto the center of the fairway – 250 yards . And guess what… he took his club and angrily  wrapped it around a tree because it didn’t fly as beautifully as he wanted it to.  It was too low for his standards.  Boo Hoo  

He landed his target but was livid 🥵 with his skill. I say… Who cares how he did it.  He probably hurt himself more than basking in the success. 

Remember you belong anywhere you are safe… and get out of you don’t… and stay in if you do… but always stay in your self where you always belong.  Know the difference so you can respond and react in the best way possible in any time and place.  

Do what you can to make the people you love feel like they belong to be here without overdoing it! Get over the past and guide them into the future. 

Be happy with your success no matter how you get there. 

Sometimes our intuition knows best. That person who landed his target… his brain knew what to do and did it.  His brain took control over his conscious effort and consciously he couldn’t accept it.  But his brain pulled through for him despite of his misdirected emotions.  Who has the last laugh after all?

No instructions for today. Most of the time,  the answers are within you. So get them and stay in.  

It’s up to you to trust your brain to lead you where you want to go.  Sometimes it’s conscious and sometimes intuition does it for you. Either way, enjoy the fun along the way.