Motivational Monday

Monday, May 24th

You know, each and everyone one of us, no matter what age we are, are getting older each day, day by day and depending on what age you are, our success is measured somehow by our age.

When we first learned to walk and fall and get up to finally walk on our own everyday, people around us clapped when we fell and smiled with thrill when we were walking on our own.

The older we get no one ever claps at our determination while we make mistakes in order to make something work.

Recently, something special happened… a nearly 51 year pro golfer won a major tournament, the oldest ever to do so. And when he was commended for being the oldest golfer ever to win a major, he graciously thanked the commentator. But think about it,.. he wasn’t praised so much for winning but for being the oldest winner… Kind of a catch in achievement. But, he made history.

He truly achieved what most people fear as they get older… the inability to do what they love. He does and did what some people thought was impossible on the highest level ever.

Because he did some things differently to win… he trained himself mentally to visualize more, remained in the right state of mind and played more than he did before while preparing to win.

So what can we do to make the aches and pains of getting older turn into more triumphant days, no matter what age you are because even super young people go through growing pains:

  1. Spend some time in a safe and quiet place with no distractions. Close your eyes and see you’re self doing what you need to do in your next meeting, taking a test or having fun woth your kids, staying calm or planning each shot for a tournament or competition. Whatever it is, make the outcome real, enticing and fun. Enjoy the process.

2. Go out there and live your life having faith your mind will lead you in the direction you just imagined.

3. Enjoy getting what you thought about getting in step 1.

You can always make the impossible possible. It’s the message in my film, just accepted into the Caanes Film Festival for short films. I’m just so thrilled it’s being recognized for its value, that winning would be icing on the cake. So I’m asking you to help make it happen in one of the times you do what was just described
1,2,3. Consider it a pleasant payback for all the cool stuff I share with you each week… which is always a pleasure!

When unreasonable fear based on unreasonable belief is lost, you have freedom to live your life as you plan.

Just because no one else will…. Remember to clap for your self if you fall a couple of times so you get back up and finish what you started.

The oldest golfer to win the tournament messed up a few shots… but picked it up, all back together, in shots to follow until the end and won. Congratulations! @PhilMickelson

I’ll have to check if I’m the oldest women’s golf club champion at the course I won last year. It wasn’t a perfect game, but I won.

No matter what age you are, you can always win at something… But especially strive for the biggest win of all… enjoy your life! Because you can always stay young in your heart and think youthfully with your mind.

With sincere interest in building your best,