Motivational Monday

Monday, May 31st

You know, it’s Monday and it’s the beginning of a new week. And here in New York City this Monday happens to be the beginning of our summer and the day we honor.

And it’s gonna be a great summer because people, stores, businesses are coming back while the open spaces of summer open our minds and lift our spirits. The season brings us to together in the sun and builds our community, year after year.

And today, Memorial Day, is also the day we honor those who lost their lives in active military service. Veterans Day honors those who served in the military – during war or peace, alive or not. We give them thanks for their sacrifice and always will…
Carpe Diem and thank you all, always.

And what better way to start the day than with a cuppa coffee, to let go of the past and to inspire inspiring thoughts that propel us into doing the things we want to get done.

What’s so special about coffee… it sparks our brain to think faster. Just love this about coffee.

This way we can move forward into the future as we leave the past behind us. Even the moment you just read what you read has moved into the past so you think something new to move your forward.

Some Thoughts for today:
1. Embrace change because it’s what helps us evolve.
2. You can always feel safe within your self, especially when you are safe.
3. Honor someone for their talent as big or small as it is.

All I can say is… Seize every moment as if it’s your last… it’s why I’m in a methodical rush to get so many things done. And have fun while you’re doing it all.

People have made life too serious and it’s up to us to shed some light. May your summer be full of lit moments….. while you move in mysteriously magical ways.