Motivational Monday

January 25th, 2020

When the target is humongously gargantuan or just less, the more your brain chases after it.  Like a dog who sees food, it runs to the bowl and keeps chomping away until the bowl is empty and their belly is full.  

The smell is gorgeously gargantuan to their senses and satisfied with taste and feeling full when their done. The synapses – connecting brain cells – keep running, because the smell and sight triggered them.  

I started off this new year with what to do to make your body strong  and so far it’s been all about what to avoid.  And that was the problem I faced when I was told what foods caused inflammation hence weakening the immune system.  So I was left in the dust to figure out what to eat because almost everything I loved, I couldn’t eat anymore.  

They always talk about the Mediterranean diet and it is an amazingly healthy diet. So here is what you can include in your bowl to run towards, and the more flavorful you make it, the better looking it is, the more your body will crave the good and never want the junk again. So here’s some good stuff to strengthen you via Mediterranean and with some modern Day knowledge: 

  • Fish – small fish bc they don’t stay in the waters long enough to absorb toxins so they are healthier. 
  • Beans – soak them at least 24 hours to soften them and replace the water when you boil them. 
  • Nuts and Seeds – consider cooking them to add some different flavor and more easily digested. 
  • Fruits and Veggies – they’re just great for you. They are antioxidants which means they get rid of the toxins in your body. 
  • Olive Oil – an amazing lubricant for your tummy and entire body. 

They forget to add that the Mediterranean diet doesn’t just include these foods.  Those who love in these areas, rest (siesta) during the day. Since that’s not an option for so many of us – just by shutting your eyes  for a minute – it triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to relax.  

And if you take an entire minute or three to do nothing else than close your eyes, it can be the equivalent of some hours of sleep.  

Play your game so that the game is engaging, fun and a pleasure to live.  You can only do that. And by eating right, it fuels your brain to fuel your body so that your brain runs towards the things that make you feel good, making better decisions and enjoying what gift you have been given: Life. Now, appreciate it best as you can. 

Next week we start with a different focus and it’ll be a surprise – because I’m not even sure what it is yet – lol – Oh, yes I do – the target is always in view in my kind. I promise it will be some good food for thought about life, decisions, golf and the game of life that you are not only a part of but an essential worker no matter what you do.  

With sincere interest in building your best,