Motivational Monday

Monday June 14th

It’s a challenge for most… the truth.
But there is one truth about the truth.

When people play golf, I’ve seen it time and time again, their score is what they thought it should’ve been instead of what it really is.

If the score is imagined, then their imagination can never be targeted towards what they want because they are not working with what is really happening.

And when golfers realize that if they are truthful about their score, then they know what their baseline is to be able to go and improve it.

That’s the gift of facing the truth in your game. And life is a game… would you rather play games with your self that avoid creating limbo or would you rather play games that progress where you started?

So if you’re a golfer… and even if you are not… an analogy can be made to apply…

  1. Be honest with how you perform. Keep notes of what you didn’t do right and what you did so right so you know what to work on to get better.
  2. Write your score on your scorecard, truthfully.
  3. Go practice what you need to do better.

It’s all in how you handle the game that makes you better at what you do, in any game you play including business, family life and the games inside your head. Have fun with it all. Laugh. Love. And chase your happiness, truthfully.

Because the one truth about the truth is that it sets you free to be your best.

With sincere interest in building your best,

Kalliope 😃