Motivational Monday

July 5th

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… that’s what we’re celebrating here on this Fourth of July.

You have a right to be happy and free to live life as you want and with the people you love 💕

And as we celebrate… we celebrate the people who served our country to preserve our freedom… the military… the nurses, doctors, physician assistants and everyone else during times of need… to them we give thanks… thanks so much for the sacrifices you made so we can have our July 4th BBQ and more good times now and into the future!

Let freedom ring evenly through all times so you have the power to maintain your even-ness of mind because life is fill of highs and lows and everything in between the challenges and the good times.

How can we live free from burden, free from worry and be free to be happy!

Look at @jojosiwa… this girl has nothing holding her back… she’s all about freedom! Now 18, who knows what more she will do. Yay for her is all I can say. She is definitely living her truth.

A gift for this week🎁…
1. What can you do to stop worrying about the stuff that really doesn’t matter? Because you’re freedom is always within you. Just think differently about the things that really don’t matter.
2. Take a deep breath every once and a while. More is more. The more you breath deliberately the more breath you have.
3. Celebrate and do things that make you happy and free including with the people you love

Be smart, be free and live your truth especially and be free to love the people you love 💗

Happy Freedom Day!
With sincere interest in building your best life forever more, Kalliope