Motivational Monday

Monday 12th July

So….. what do you do if you’re not motivated to do something, anything or that one thing you know you need to get done?

When people think they’re being lazy about something it’s not just laziness.  It’s the brain playing a common game it knows to keep things the same.  The neuro pathways are running in one direction the one they know so well which means all that needs to happen to get motivated is to do something different to start a new pathway in a new direction – inside your brain and in the real world.  

What does this really mean… it means if you don’t feel like doing something, sometimes there may be a reason for it like you need to rest and it means your brain is motivated  to give your body rest.  

On the other hand if you know you need to get something done that you haven’t yet, here’s how you can start creating that new pathway in a new direction…

1. Create a date book inside your mind (and better yet coupled with a real calendar ) and plant the thing you need to get done into the date book and calendar.  So you’re making a date with your destiny for getting it done. 

2. Now that you’ve set the date, have faith you’ll get it done. 

3. Have faith in your brain to find the time to get it done, even if you do what you need to do all at once or a little bit at a time until that date comes. 

End of it:

Remember to enjoy what you’re doing and if you’re not make you’re complaints something to laugh about.  Lol 

With sincere interest in building your best,