Motivational Monday

Monday, August 2nd

She’s back! And ready to get back into the ropes and jumps and twists in the air to win again… Simone Biles has come back into the Olympics after a fear of not landing without the ability to land without injury.

So her safety came first and because she was aware of what happened exactly during her last Olympic effort, anyone could see that land had to be painful.

And some of us may not realize just how dangerous…. what these super human athletes do in gymnastics because they make it look so easy!

And she’s been joyfully cheerleading her teammates with bigger support of their talent as an observer.

So… now that she’s thinking differently about the twists… she sees herself landing safely and on two feet just like her teammates… Jordan Chiles, Suni Lee and Jade Carey… who won their first silver and gold medals in her place. So… a wise decision for Simone lead to a fierce opportunity for her teammates who took full advantage of her support to do what they did, just like her. Amazing!

So… whenever you think you need to do something best for your self and your well-being you may want to think:
1. how will this affect others, positively or negatively?
2. if it’s negative, will it eventually be positive, and if its totally positive, will it remain that way?
3. who will win? everyone or just you? Can you live with your self in the future looking back at your decision?

So there you are… in basic economics, wherever currency is invested it will have a domino effect now and into the future.

The same is the same with the currency of time. Time is moving constantly into the future and whatever decision you make now will influence you’re future.

Simone made the decision to protect herself in front of the entire world and in the end the world has eyes on her teammates winning. Just an amazing decision during an amazing time.

With sincere interest in building your best,