Motivational Monday

Monday, August 9th

Understand this, business D O E S require creativity, whether you have a PHD in art or education, a masters in business or acupuncture, a degree in rocket science, computer science, therapy, law or surgery or are living life with your experience to guide you, creativity is your biggest asset in making the right decision.

And make no mistake, everyone is in business. Everyone has to pay bills. Everyone is trying to assert their control and get what they want in life whatever it is, a life of laughter, family or buckets of money. Everyone has to pay for something everyday including your food. That’s business.

And as a woman, it does N O T make a difference if you are a woman or a man in how people treat you or you treat others. It’s up to you how you deal with others… either way… to get what you need whether you’re paying for a service or you are getting paid for one.

And when the greatest challenge in any business career takes place, it’s how you deal with it, with clarity, to persevere through it like a warrior in urban life, country life and everything in between.

If you are water, it’s about passing around the blocks of stone to keep moving to where you need to go.

Pipes, they have water flowing through them and when they clog things get backed up….. so a Test is done to determine where the block exists because we just don’t know where it is yet. The block may be inside the wall which would make things very challenging to break all the walls from the basement to the top O R you can test all the pipes outside the walls, change them if needed and test again. P A S S!!!

Passing the test often happens this way, when you look for the most simple, most obvious way to fix a problem. Often, the solution is in front of you, no matter what someone else tells you.

Most people will look for the problem inside the wall so they get paid for that humongous service of changing pipes floor to floor all the way up. But, when you assert your creative nature, you can find solutions that are simpler, less of a headache, more lightweight and cost less to be more cost effective.

Here’s what can be done:
1. Make the decision to find solutions where others don’t look for them.
2. Have faith in your brain’s creativity to find the solution. Sometimes, this happens instantly and sometimes, it takes more time.
3. Remember, above all, your health is your most important asset. Only with good health, can you do anything including make good decisions. This means through any challenging time, remember the outcome will be gained and you’ll be alright.

So just as I’m writing this, a woman with a belly full of a baby looked over at me, with church bells ringing in the background… and we smiled at each other because it was that sort of special moment. New life, a sign of god and a smile between us to seize this moment of creativity.

I realize we don’t talk about God in business which is kind of funny because God is on every U. S. dollar bill. In God we trust.

Respect your life. Respect your money. Respect your brain. Be creative and make the right decisions to make you move through life knowing you’re doing your best. Now, think what to do next.

With sincere interest in building your best,

I’m Kalliope