Motivational Monday

Monday, Feb 1st 2021

Time – people sometimes think there’s too little time more frequently than they think there’s plenty of time—but the truth is—is that there’s always time—because whether you think it’s too much or too little—it’s always the same amount of time, anywhere at any time.

There are 60 minutes to an hour and 60 seconds to a minute. And that’s globally so everybody has the same amount of time, everywhere.  

The idea is to make time work with you—while you’re in it—or—even looking at what you want in your future.  

When people play any sport their whole purpose is to land the target. When time is running out and they know they need to score, they can either rush (which throws off focus) or speed up their mind while time slows down (which maintains focus).  

There are ways of doing this in competitive sports including golf

But, in life, when the pressure’s high with too much to do and too little perceived time, here’s what can happen to make more time: 

1. In a quiet place, with no distractions (I know that sort of place is limited for some but there’s always the bath room). While sitting, close your eyes and focus on a target —a clock focus on the center of the clock from where the hands keep moving around it but your eyes are focused on the center.  Your focus remains still, yet responsive, while the hands of the clock move at different speeds—slow, faster, super fast—then move the hands of the clock at the speed which feels the most comfortable to you while still focusing on the center.  Remember, your speed is the right speed for you and only you can find it.  And the speed can change dependent on what you are doing.  

2. Have a morning routine that starts the night before with planning what you will do throughout the day.  Wake up, have some brekkie and make your list. Take your  time to eat healthy. Ground your self for the day.  

3. Make time to do steps 1 & 2 so that you always have time no matter what you’re doing.  

Most amateur golf players feel rushed into taking their shot because they look at other players or players behind them or think whatever else is going through their head.  They feel crushed by time when the other players are focusing on their target.

Those who master their game are the ones who focus on their target—activating the part of their brain that launches their body into action. Life truly is a game and when you focus on the target, you too can land it with great speed and accomplishment.  Take your time.  Just care enough to ask for what you want, see it happening and it can.

As always, with sincere interest in building your best,