Motivational Monday

Monday, August 23rd

People have the ability to annoy each other for the most simplest reasons. And when someone is annoying you can simply ignore them. It conserves energy and often ends up annoying the other person even more.  

You can never control what other people do but you can always manage your response to them. And your response is independent to any situation at any given time. 

Here’s what I do in situations where people try to get under my skin but don’t:

  1. Look at them straight in the eye and say nothing. 
  2. Turn around and walk away. 
  3. Start giggling inside. 

And by the way…. Never do this with your boss!  

Any decision you make is your decision and you can always decide to feel bad or feel even better.  Do your best to do your best to feel good at any time no matter what any body says or does.  Especially in business and at home.  

With sincere interest in building your best,