Motivational Monday

Monday Sep 6th

You know… there’s a question some people sometimes ask me….. how do I motivate myself to be motivated and the answer is not general but individual to you and only you.

Because what motivates you may not motivate others.

But, there is a way to find out when you don’t know. And if there’s something you need to get done, see your self after you completed it.

So what do I mean….
Let’s start off with just waking up sour and wanting to feel better. When I wake up, I see myself after I’ve had my cuppa coffee I see my self being ready… like a race car vroom… to check off the list I’ve created inside my mind throughout the day.

But, like a race car, I methodically work with speed, without rushing so that I can stay on track and get to the list by the end of the day with all items checked off… that’s when I know I passed through the finish line at the end of the day and I can rest while having fun.

Here’s how I motivate myself beginning the day, step by step:
1. Wake up, make a list of things to do. This can be noted in my mind mentally or I write it down. Writing it on a piece of paper or tapping it on the keyboard on my phone (or whatever other electronic device) to make a note… makes a solid representation that can be felt and seen. I prefer writing… it’s been proven to make a more firm representation in the mind instead of typing.
2. In my mind, I see all the listed items checked off at the end of the day and see all the things I did to make that happen
3. After I’m done, I see my self having fun knowing there’s been a lot accomplished and achieved. If something didn’t get done on the list, I add it to the list for the next day knowing it’ll get done soon.
4. I get up and have a cuppa coffee.
5. I start doing what I planned to the end of the day.
6. The icing on the cake, is having fun.

This can be applied to anything you need to do. Whether it’s a major project or having fun and everything in between.

I’m curiously restless and have to be productive to achieve greater good in this world. And when I feel like I have, I’ll check that off the list, until then… it’s about doing doing doing more so that the fun is even more funner.

With sincere interest in building your best,