Motivational Monday

Monday, February 15th 2021

Time has rhythm and everybody’s rhythm of time is different. You know when I started playing golf I knew I had to change my attitude especially about speed—how fast or slow you move through life. 

Knowing New York speed is totally different from any other part of the world, it was clear it was time to move time slower to think more strategically about the next move, in order to play golf better and faster.  

A golfer can let go and walk from shot to shot… in a motivated rush but once they’re at the shot, imagining where you want to be… listening to what it’s going to sound like… when you pull it all together—it’s a feeling of greatness and it’s because speed doesn’t mean rushing… it means just working faster deliberately with focus to do better at anything you do now.  

Here’s some things you can think about: 

  1. Find your rhythm while you walk.   Golfers swing at one speed behind them differently from the speed they swing toward the target.  Your speed influences your perception of time—how fast or slow you move—from here to there when you walk from place to place. 
  2. What pace can you move to feel your best? Go faster… go slower and adjust the walking speed to find just the right speed you feel great.  
  3. Lock it in and remember that you can walk slower or faster when you need to… Knowing your pace may change in any different, similar or same experience. 

People who have mastered their life, take the time to think about their next move to get to where they want to be.  In the rhythm of their time, they find solutions (what they need to know). 

When you walk in rhythm  feeling great, it sets the right pace to think clearly, methodically to get what you want, deliberately filled with accomplishment.  

With sincere interest in Building Your Best life ever,

I’m Kalliope