Fearless Friday

Friday, September 10th

My segment for Fridays should actually be called FearFree Fridays… fearless implies there’s something to fear… and fear less of… so now that we’ve jumped over that hurdle of words let’s get onto the second part of what I started last Fear—Free Friday

Because… last week I talked about people saying “life feels so good right now, so I play it down, because I’m afraid it’s gonna end”.

A statement like this creates fear. When I hear it, it makes me feel a slight fear because I can see are all the terrible things that can go wrong but I stop it in time to start to think differently.

So… what happens when just a few words are changed in that one sentence….

What if instead they think “life feels so good right now, it’s only gonna get better!

Aahhh… so much more refreshing because instead of an end we see a future with a plethora of new and awesome adventures that life will bring.

Here’s what I do to create a mindset of productivity and feeling good, fear-free:
1. Listen to myself speak What am I really saying? Am I saying things that close the world or better yet—open my world to new possibilities.

2. If the way I think leads to a dead end, I change it. I change what I’m saying which is just a reflection of the thoughts inside the mind.

3. think and do things that make me feel good. If they don’t, and it’s an obligation that can’t be avoided, then I do it anyway. And because I realize there’s no choice, I make the choice to feel better about it by saying this is temporary and it will end. But, when I do what I want most of my life, which is help people live happily and fulfilled, it’s a life worth living for.

And just remember… sometimes it is better to fear less so that you fear things that may cause you danger, not freak out but remain in control of what you’re doing to maintain your safety and think more productively and more happily.

With sincere interest in building your best,