Fearless Friday

Friday October 8th

So… they say we’re born with two Fears.  The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  Every other fear is learned.  

While I walk the streets of New York City you see a lot of babies cry when a loud honk is heard.  And sometimes in Central Park, you see babies cry when they fall. 

So what they say, makes sense about fears we’re born with. 

And what I love doing is helping people overcome their fears and bad memories and the greatest news for now is that I’ll be giving a talk and demonstration at The Awareness Film Festival after my film Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom is shown at The Regal L. A. Live movie theater.  

And I’ll be talking about those two fears we’re born with. And then some other stuff. Like Phobia Relief Day and for this year, it will be the same night.  

Fearlessly, the film was entered into film festivals all around the world 🌎 and it’s won over twenty awards internationally.  

There was no fear of not being selected.  I thought ‘what does it matter if I started off with no laurels at all’ and until now it’s won 🥇for best anthropological Drama, best Producer, Director, Editing, and Cinematography.  And it all happened because of tireless work, a strong will and skill.  

There have been times where I’ve been jolted by a fall and taken back by a loud honking horn but when I think of what needs to happen to complete a task, that’s all I see, the task being done. I never see what can go wrong.  And there are times things do go wrong.  And they certainly did during the production of the film.  

But, now… I’m getting ready to be on stage with my film at a very cool theater with a live audience curious about their own mind and what it’s capable of doing. 

This film did NOT fall because I see the film rising.  People have said to me “this film is opening awareness and giving people hope” with education and entertainment.  

As I look back at the beginning, it was all worth it.  And hope you think so too.  

With sincere interest in a fear free life,

Kalliope ♥️