Fearless Friday

Friday, July 2nd

Yes, you must Fear signing a contract if you’re haven’t read it or haven’t had an attorney review it to protect you. 

It was just the other day a client came into tell me about their fears and how they didn’t want to go around distrusting people. 

I said what happened and they said they had to have some work done so they got a quote from a skilled person.  That person sent them a contract that said the following: If there is a clerical error in this contract we have a right to change it.  

I said “you have every reason to fear that contract… you might as well sign over your property… all they have to do is add enough zeros to the price as a clerical error and end up owning your property.” 

What is that? 

Read read read before you sign anything!!! And if you can’t figure it out have a professional review it and inform you so you make an informed decision.  It’s tempting to sign anything that promises fortune and repair but it needs to work in your favor.  

Trust but verify! Always protect your heart, money and your brain.