Fearless Friday

Friday July 9th

Nihil Tinemdum Est… means “fear nothing” but you need to fear some things that’s why this is called fear-less Friday’s.

The less you fear and live with courage the more you live your life in freedom.

And the truth is, if you’re walking along and sense danger, get to a safe place… if you’re sensing danger you’re probably right and need to respond.

I watched a person approach another person head on just because of the color of their skin, causing random trouble. The person being approached didn’t give in to the trouble—instead they stood patiently for the person to leave. In this case, although trouble was in their face, they let trouble tackle it out themselves and leave because there was nothing to fight against. And because there was nothing to fight against, trouble walked away.

Sometimes people look for trouble when there is none and they have themselves to fear without even knowing it. Because, if they’re looking for trouble in someone’s face, they may be faced with more trouble than they can handle.

It doesn’t mean we give into their fearing ways but instead give way to a new direction and get out of their way without resistance but with ignoring them.

Oddly, when trouble walked away—they turned towards the person they approached and gave them a thumbs up. For what, no one knows, except them. Not realizing—Their game could have back fired.

Respond in the best way possible to situations that need attention and only you know how to stay out of trouble, fearlessly. So do it.

With sincere interest in building your best,