Motivational Monday

Monday March 22, 2021

I love the ballsy game of golf for so many reasons.  You have to have balls to play the game that’s for sure.  Ok… wherever your mind went for that… It doesn’t matter. But the truth is the golf teaches you maturity, being a better person and handling all the good and all the bad the game of life has to offer, truly. 

Think about it, most players who get pissed off because their ball didn’t go where they wanted it to (aawww), lose the feel of their game. It’s the players who use their anger to motivate them or stay alert to focus to land their ball into  the cup.

Experience and adjust is the attitude to have to get better at anything you do, especially any golf shot.  If you’ve finished  a task, a swing, did it work or do you have to do something differently to make it better next time.  It takes failure—and trashes it in the can—along with any judgment so that instead the Will takes over to become more aware and persevere.  HA! 

The only way you master anything is by becoming aware of what you need to change and Rev up what you’re doing right. 

  1. Say good bye to feeling like a loser  because chances are it’s you’re own bullshit that made you feel that way if you ever did.  Stop being an asshole to your self and start being your own best friend. 
  2. Put the bullshit in the past and have the attitude your gonna make things right, even better day by day.  If you can’t get out there and practice what you love to do, watch it in the palm of your hand on your phone so your mind mirrors what you see, naturally so that when you do put your self out there, the feeling of greatness saturates all that you do.  
  3. Only you truly know what you need to do in Your swing, your life your work… it doesn’t mean you don’t get some advice when you need it… it means taking what you know + what you learn = so you can find solutions to make your future life Better, especially now.  

Some people believe they are born who they are and they can never change. Well, that’s just bullshit.  You can call it anything else you want, but it’s bullshit.  You can always change who you are by what you think and do.  

Love hearing about people who are living the life they built.  And they didn’t get a whole in one every time.  Sometimes, they landed in a trap but got out of it.  Envy can kill motivation unless the envy motivates you into action, for your own wants and needs. Now, go get it. Stop your bullshit and move forward into the life you want.  

With sincere interest in building your best life ever,