Motivational Monday

April 19th, 2021

So many things have been said, so many times in so so many ways but one thing hasn’t—the importance of maintaining your equilibrium.

And it’s what separates great professional golfers, super successful business people and amazing parents from the amateurs who want to be like them.

Your body is creating equilibrium all the time. It creates heat when it’s cold, cools off when it’s hot. That’s the simplest way of looking at it And most of us don’t realize the adaptogens are working to make it happen.

And when I see a golfer win a major tournament, it’s because they didn’t get pissed off when they messed up-because they know that if they did, their whole brain chemistry would change and so would their outcome. They purposely maintain their brain balance to win.

And… It’s what happens after the major win that throws them off. Suddenly they spend time getting paid to do commercials and other events for more sponsors and become richer and richer. Which is great. Winning a major tournament changes their life.

And because their time is spent on other things, they have less time to spend on their game to maintain their skills to win again.
The funny thing is, is I’ve heard amateurs say, “but they’re set”(because they have more money)… But, are they really?

Most pro golfers I know, go out there to win. Now that The challenge to make the money is fulfilled, the challenge of winning is even more compelling. And that challenge becomes greater the more time they spend with their sponsors. Priority has shifted.

Everyday, priorities change. It’s up to you to decide what’s more important today and tomorrow so that your know what you need to do now.

You can start by asking your self the following simple questions that may be simple to answer:

  1. What do I want?
  2. How will I get it?
  3. By when will I have it?

Take as much time as you need to answer the questions. Some people I know use this as a template for a daily morning routine.

Life is about pacing your self so that your equilibrium is maintained so you lead a long healthy life to win over life and not let life win over you.

Golf is the most difficult game on the planet because any distance from feeling balanced can throw off the focus needed to win.

Protect your brain and it’s ability to remain focused because it is the one thing that sets direction and propels your ability to get what your want.

There’s a reason my friends call me an Eternal Optimist.

With sincere interest in building your best life,