Motivational Monday

Monday May 3rd

You know…. the one thing I  love the most while playing golf is a high level of focus…  How do you focus? How do you keep your mind focused?

And it’s all about creating a state of mind… a thought process that no matter what happens, you maintain your well-being to focus. 

When I filmed a documentary… it’s me and the people I guide to overcome their fear… before, during and after.  

And amidst all the lights shining on us, the camera eyes focused on us… my attention was laser focused on the person living  in fear… as I held their hand figuratively with my eyes and spoke softly for them to deliberately overcome their fear.  

And when I guide people to become smarter and make better decisions during workshops and seminars I deliver… it’s all about Them, each and every individual in the audience whose focus I need to grasp in order for them to get what they came for.

It’s just me and every pair of ears in the room listening to what they need to.

It’s just me and every body that feels in the room the change they are going through.

It’s every set of eyes looking at me while I deliver strategies for them to make better decisions.

It doesn’t matter how much education you have or not to make the best decisions now moving forward into your future.

I’ve been told… The impact of the light coming from a PowerPoint can never illuminate a mind as much as what I can say to bring forth change.

Here’s how you can start to focus more (do this in a quiet room with no distractions and where are you can be safe to close your eyes); 

  1. Close your eyes
  2. If a thought pops in that makes you feel bad, just push it away quickly and then…
  3. Immediately, shine light inside your mind.  
  4. Feel good. Repeat steps 2 & 3, three times 
  5. Think about what you want to complete in the next moments, day week or month.  See it clearly.  Open your eyes

Whether you are guiding yourself to focus or others to focus like your kids, your spouse or partner, coworker or friend, feeling good is a key factor to gaining cooperation not only with yourself but with others… I’ve never known anyone who feels good near a honking horn.

The idea is to focus so that you’re in control by letting go to be your best. 

Let the sounds of feeling good reign inside your brain. 

With sincere interest in building your best life,