Motivational Monday

Monday, June 7th

You know, you always belong. Recently I was guiding a young man who plays golf to go from amateur to pro. And one thing that was holding him back is how lonely this game can be. But, for another reason….

He had been ostracized from his group of friends because of his religion. Hard to believe this is still happening. But, I said to him, as stupid as they are for suddenly mocking who you are, what can you do to make a difference?

Not only in your life but in others to educate their ignorance into equality for one human to another, regardless of what anyone believes because every religion offers hope, love and the pursuit of happiness and connection with the greatest power that is forever and…

You always belong.

Even the virus that caused this pandemic is realising it needs to keep its host alive in order for it to survive. Hah! Somehow this virus has made us stronger as a community.

It’s all about Power, the need to be right about what we believe to be true even if it isn’t. So…

Back to being just human and treating people with humanity.

Some things to think about:
1. Instead of complaining about the things you can’t change, What can you do to make a difference, productively?
2. what can you clearly plan today that will change the future for the better?
3. Commit to 1. & 2.

I’m thrilled to say Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom, the short film I created and produced has been recognised and is a WINNER at the Silk Road  Film Awards-Cannes. It’s a dream come true but not really a dream. It took a lot, a humongous amount, a gargantuan amount of hard work, less sleep, tired restless days, creativity & time to finalize & submit & win.

And after Push, Push and Pushing through it all, it’s now a WINNER. Thank you to SRFA-Caanes a hundred times to the moon and back.

And the question is, now what… continue the work of educating people to be kinder, smarter and more dedicated to making a difference. Stop complaining and do something!

You always belong.

With sincere interest in building your best life,