Motivational Monday

Monday, June 21st

Sometimes it’s just best to stand back and watch the show. People need to feel their power somehow, they need to feel in control. And in cities across the world some of us have to hear about it when people honk their horns when someone isn’t going fast enough or is in their way.

And sometimes it’s their grandfather or grandmother they are honking at not realizing they too will be older one day and will be moving a little slower. Hopefully, when that day happens, someone will have a little more patience than they do to deal with them at that slower speed. But there’s no better time than now to speed up your ability to be aware and think more consciously.

Yes, Honking a horn can alert someone when they’re in danger but too often it’s used as a means to control a situation and it never makes anyone feel any better. If they could only hear the loud horn blowing from the perspective as a pedestrian standing beside it flowing loud, I wonder if they would stop rooting their own horn.

And too often, people blow their own horns in their own minds. They speak to themselves like an enemy would. And in some way this controls their progress. But at least they are in control.

But, what if this control became more directed towards feeling good. Too often, people feel bad because they think about stuff that makes them feel bad. And all it takes is to think something different, to feel better.

Here’s what some people have done:
1. if something is in your way, instead of honking a horn, what can you do to stay calm, enjoy the ride and get to your destination feeling good?
2. Only you can answer # 1.
3. when you get the answer, do it! Yeah… I hear people say easier said than done. Who’s really in control? But the question to ask your self is… do I want to feel bad or do I want to feel better so that I feel good. Switch to what is best!?

Life is what it is. The beauty about golf is that no shot is ever the same and it’s always different. The beauty of any unreasonable fear is that you can get over it.

We have to acclimate to different conditions to land our target 🎯 and really life teaches us how to live it when we pay attention and stay calm enough to think about our next move. If we honk the horn too often, we don’t hear what we need to.

I know it’s been said many times many ways… the truth shall set you free. For some, the truth is, it feels like a honking horn and they avoid it. But, when the honking stops and you’ve remained calm through the noise, the rewarding growth can be the most gratifying accomplishment.

With sincere interest in building your best life,