Motivational Monday

Monday, 28th of June

So here’s the deal, some time ago I documented on film… me guiding people to overcome their fears, the before during and after effects. In every film, They’ve done what they never thought they could. Check it out…

And the great news is, is that as you’ve seen in my social media, the film won at the Cannes-Silk Road Film Awards film festival for best director. It’s a game changer. Yay! Opa! L’chaim! Gānbēi! Buenísimo! Kanpai! Skål! À Votre Santé! … And cheers in every other language not mentioned!

So now what… here’s the plan… make it big. What does that mean? It means guiding people to be smarter, make better decisions and choose the best people in their lives that are like minded in ethics to progress humanity.

An associate said to me, you work so much and I said it’s because the outcome feels so good that it’s really not work. It’s spending my time doing what I love to do so it’s not work… but a joy and of course recognizing when it’s time to rest.

Now that one of my dreams came true, the force of that dream is propelling me to do more. It’s being a realist to create more peace in the world to be more productive in positive ways. To annihilate stupidity and increase ethical intelligence.

Here’s some ways to start…
1. Start the day feeling good even if you don’t. Change what you’re thinking to create feelings that make you feel better. S W I T C H what you’re thinking is all it takes. Hah! This can make you smarter to make smarter decisions.
2. Invest in things that benefit humanity.
3. Daily, go out of your way to make someone’s life happier with the element of surprise. Buy the person next to you at the coffee shop a cuppa cawfee (and to really surprise them do it without them knowing it’s you). … or make someone laugh… I was in line waiting to pay for something and the person paying ahead of me was cruelly complaining to the cashier about something trivial and when it was my time to pay I said to the cashier “I want to complain about all the things you do right” …. At first reaction they looked confused but then burst out into laughter. They let go of all they had just gone through with Mr. Trivial Customer and the laughter took their pressure off, immediately.

Just go forth and have fun with what you’re doing during the day. No one needs to know. I realize you need to be serious at work but no one needs to know how great you feel and how much you’re giggling at the world inside. They’ll just feel it from you. It’ll be your dirty little secret!

With sincere interest in building your best life, your Eternal Optimist, Kalliope