Motivational Monday

Monday, July 19th

So Sunday was a day… I decided to go for a vacay day and take a ride to get to a walk around a river. 

And on the way, I saw a sign for a farm, not just any farm but a farm you could have lunch and eat the stuff grown on the farm.  

So I sat down and these two guys show up in cool farmer’s clothes with beat up boots and they say “we’re not chefs, we’re not servers, we just love what we do.  We grow our food  and we love to share it with you”.  

They underestimated their description of themselves as they served a five course meal as a sample of everything they grow on the farm. Zucchini soup, chicken wrapped in their lettuce and kale massaged by their own dressing to break it down. I’ve never had any food massaged anywhere until then but it definitely felt good.  

And yes, more than anything, their love for what they do came through in the food… I’ve never liked kale but somehow having it massaged with their own dressing was memorable like any other massage with love… I wonder what was really in the dressing.

… and that’s what they kept on saying is “I love what I do” when it was all done I went up to both of them and said “you know you are the envy of every miserable business person from New York City who I’ve ever met who has met people like you because they say things like … I met these incredible guys…. they’re just out there fishing or farming and they’re just doing what they love to do”.  

In response, the  younger farmer said “Yep that’s what I love to do I just love to farm and I love to feed people with it”.  

Then the older farmer said “well you know I really do love what I do but sometimes it gets tough”.  

He said “There are days I wish I was in a 72°F room every day so I don’t have to deal with the different weather though the wind knocking storms, the wet rain, the bitter cold, the oppressive heat, and whatever else can affect the farm and the orchards that I’m growing because there’s a lot of variables that can go wrong and you have to get creative in order to make them thrive”.  

And he lastly said “And so I too envy the business people sometimes but I do love what I do most of the time”.  

… so think about it… anywhere you are, anything you do… it’s probably just a good idea to love it most of the time because it’s not gonna go right all the time and that’s just a lesson in the story.  No one person has a perfect life! Be happy with where you are or change it.  

With sincere interest in Building Your Best,

I’m Kalliope