Motivational Monday

Monday, July 26th

It all looked good until one move almost took him out of the win…. and that’s what happened when a young golf pro was on the last hole of the tournament. His ball went all the way left out of the fairway leaving him a long shot between two narrowly positioned trees.

So he was left with one of the more challenging delicate shots of his career requiring him to keep it together for precision. You could see him breathing, deliberately to maintain his focus.

And he did it… he advanced the ball so he could have another shot to eventually par the hole and win the game.

If you don’t play golf you May be asking your self what this has to do with you. But the truth is, living life is as delicate as shot for a win. Sometimes something can throw us off in the middle of everything going right. And our character is challenged by how we handle it.

What can you do if something doesn’t go your way…
1. Change feeling stuck to looking into the future and finding a solution
2. After you find a solution, do what you need to do to get the outcome you want.
3. When all is good and you got it… look back and Pat your self on the back… reward your self somehow. The more you feel good about the stuff you figured out the more you’ll be better in any other challenging situation.

Adaptability is key.

No life is perfect. No relationship is perfect. No one person is perfect. I know I’m not perfect. And that’s why I talk about doing your best, not being positive all the time but having an attitude that commands you to get through the bad times and find creative ways to deal with the weird stuff that goes on around you. Because anything can happen to anyone. And you can find a way to get through and do anything you want when you find a purpose in doing so.

With sincere interest in building your best,