Motivational Monday

Monday,August 30th

You know, I’m always thinking about how people can connect more with each other. It’s all about understanding people’s ideas and feelings to be able to connect. Agree to disagree or agree to agree.
Rapport is all of this.

And a friend of mine really got the core of what it means to connect with others. In fact he wrote a book about it called Influential Rapport.
And the message of it can build a foundation for any relationship, not only in our personal lives and especially in business.

When someone is on the outside looking in it can make attention and awareness grow but in order to thrive we have to be in it. Are you in or out?

Both are important at different times and it’s about making the decision to do the right thing at the right time.

Rapport is not about liking someone it’s about connecting in order to respond.

How can rapport be achieved…
1. listen to, look at and get a feel for the person you are interacting with. Awaken your senses to what they’re really communicating and respond in the best way.
2. ask if this is a relationship you care to avoid or expand.
3. love the dynamic, smile internally and exchange thoughts and ideas that pursue the interest of both. Make it so you’re in control of your self.

The most profound core of rapport is love. Even if you don’t like the person and respond in a way that teaches them something, it can be out of love. And when a relationship in business can prove to be lucrative for all, then coming from a loving place is just as powerful.

What can you do today?….. to connect more with your self and others, to thrive.

With sincere interest in building your best,