Motivational Monday

Monday, Sept 20th

Whatever we do in life, we do business. You know I’ve talked about this before because every day you have to buy food, you have to buy bare essentials and you have to pay your rent or mortgage to have a roof over your head while you sleep… that’s all business.

You know… singers like Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift show us how you need to know how to deal in business.

Garth has an M. B. A. and he’s had control of a lot of his everything – his fame, his income and ownership of his music. He’s as much of a business man as he is creative.

Taylor was a young girl when she got signed. And now in her thirties, she has no ownership of her original songs that she wrote when she got signed as a teenager. Now, she’s doing her own thing and has the rights to what she writes . Her business savvy had to catch up to her creativity. After all, she was just a kid when she started.

And so many people are just kids when they do business because they’re innocent to doing business.

Don’t let anyone convince you that if you make a mistake it’s a reflection on you. That’s nonsense. It’s a reflection of a decision you made in ignorance and what you decide in the future can change based on that one mistake. So any mistake can be your greatest teacher to do better next time. What I’m saying is let’s prevent it in the first place by learning from others mistakes.

Dolly Parton read the contract when Elvis wanted to sing the song she wrote, I Will Always Love You. The contract said he would own the song and the purchase would be the final money she would see from it. She read this and said no. Till this day she gets the royalties every time Whitney Houston’s voice sings it through the radio.

It’s easy to see who read the contract.

So this message is for everyone…
1. moms, dads, kids, business women and business men and everyone else….. Read Read Read what your signing because you just may be signing over your life after all.

2. And even after you read it, have an attorney or two or three review it in case there’s something missing that needs to be added or that you’ve missed something you need explained to make a judgement.

3. Learn the aspects of business that will make you money for your time so that instead of having a deficit you have a surplus of funds for your efforts. In the end, You make the money for Your work.

Get more than one attorney to look over the contract. Some attorneys are more thorough than others.

And Yes, when you read a contract, it is going to take more than 15 seconds but it can save you a life time of regret. Dolly, Taylor and Garth show us how important it is.

Most importantly, read any contract your self just to make sure you’re in sync with all that’s written. Because no one knows better than your self what you want the most.

Everything in life is business, and making the right decisions determines your future. You want to look back and say you did it!

With sincere interest in building your Best,