Motivational Monday

Monday September 27th

Ho hum is what some people think of Monday’s but at the same time, I’ve met people who think of Monday’s as a day that starts the week for all they will accomplish… they can’t wait to start working because they love what they do.

And those people who love Mondays… consistently say not only am I making money but I’m learning so much while I work and that’s why why I do what I do… at the end of the day, as challenging as it may get, I’m a better person.

After speaking with a person from across the globe in Australia, she said “We used to sing while working, we worked together and had a good time.” What a great idea!

I don’t know anyone who can feel a heavy weight from life or feel sad while they’re singing. Even if doing the most monotonous work. Singing sets a new direction for the brain. Even if it’s a low hum so you don’t annoy people working next to you.

And I know people who say “well that’s just who I am” when they say they can’t change. But, they can, just by changing what and how they think. It’s easier to be stubborn about this than cemented in a belief.

And any cement can be broken with a jackhammer. But, thoughts are lighter and can be broken instantaneously just by changing direction, just think of something else like a fruit lol

So here’s what I do to keep motivated:
1. Rest when my body needs to so that when I work, I’m fully charged to get it done with clarity.
2. Eat nourishing foods that feed my brain. Although I don’t eat much meat, there are two neurotransmitters that only meat protein can build. So I eat just a few ounces a week to launch my energy beginning with my brain.
3. Plan. Every Monday I write, not electronically, but in a book. This cements the plan into my brain. For those who can’t write or see, a book can be imagined in your mind that you write in.

They say motivation is the hardest thing to teach. But you can always trick you’re mind into being motivated by thinking of what you need to do and writing it in a daily planner book or in a book in your mind. The brain can remember what it needs to do to get things done by creating the achievement you desire.

With sincere interest in building your best,