Motivational Monday

Monday, October 4th

You know, you always have a choice to feel bad or feel good 😊 And in any business dealings, feeling good around the people you work with or negotiate with, is a game changer.  

It doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, you can always change your state of mind to feel good instantaneously now, during any business time.  

Laughter has cured many a scared, tense and anxious people.  Laughing softens the soul because it softens the brain to make it changeable. 

Since in a business meeting, laughing out loud would be inappropriate, you can instead smile and giggle on the inside so you’re whole body smiles on the outside.  And when a smile is genuine, a person is trusted. 

The heart 💜 and the brain 🧠 are proven by research to have the same cells.  

Think about that… your brain is just like your heart and your heart is just like your brain.  

They say follow your heart for a reason because it does think when you know this.  And they said this intuitively without knowing this bit of research.  

And remember the vegus nerve connects your brain to your gut… so think about that… your gut is called the second brain for a reason.  

Does that mean the heart is the third? The first or second.  You can live and love with some of the gut removed but you can’t live without your heart or brain. 

So where am I going with this… protect all three, your brain, your heart and your gut. Because, overall the health of all three will give you the stamina and clarity to propel you in making better decisions in business.  

Here’s what I do to protect my gut, heart and brain:

  1. Eat one ingredient foods. 
  2. Drink just the right amount of coffee to stimulate my brain to think quick and without getting the jitters or palpitations (there’s a reason for that too). 
  3. Remember the greatest asset in life is good health because without it, there isn’t much you can do but when you’re in good health, strength, will and the ability to get things done is supported   

It’s just so much better to feel good… it’s best in business because think about it… if you were to choose a lover, would you flock towards the person who was out for themselves without caring how you feel or would you be attracted more to the person who makes you feel good while they feel good too and together you create a better life and often life itself in a child.  

Business is about creating the best environment for all people to thrive, grow and feel free.  Business is a creative process and it good business gives birth to great inventions.  

With sincere interest in building your best,