Motivational Monday

Monday, October 11th

Every morning, I sip a cup of machiatto… that’s a shot of espresso with a little bit of steamed milk.  And I get to see some of the regulars getting ready for their work day as I am for mine.  

And every once in a while someone new shows up and now there’s a person who’s been smiling with their entire face the entire time they’re enjoying their cuppa something and chatting with a friend.  

As I’m paying attention to their smile lighting up their whole face, it lights up my own state of mind.  That’s just cool. All you have to do is smile while you’re talking, feel the joy and it emanates around you.  

Here’s what I do to make life more enjoyable throughout the day: 

  1.  Make sure that whoever I talk to in business knows that after all, all is fine, even if they make a mistake. 
  2.  Mistakes happen and some are greater than others but we can always prevent them when we think before we do and think before we speak. 
  3. Smile even when things are not going how they need to be going.  A better attitude makes the mind think clearer and find solutions.  

They say that when you smile, it releases certain neuro stuff that diminish stress while it releases other stuff to produce joy. Remember, smiling IS free.  

I can’t motivate you to smile. But, only you can smile even bigger.  

The person at the coffee shop is still smiling actively.  It’s so natural to this person I just wonder if it became that natural to all people how different each and everyone’s day would be—for themselves and for those around them.  

With sincere interest in building your best,