Motivational Monday

February, 8th 2021

Some years ago, a man came and said to me “I have no future”  His doctor gave him some news. 

I said “are you sure about that?” 

Think about it. 

“If the moment you said ‘I have no future’—already passed—and we are now living in the future of that moment now you really do have a future, don’t you?  Since you’re living in it.  

Suddenly, as his head looked up, you could tell a future appeared before his eyes.  And he was able to see so much of what he’s always wanted.  A happy life.

And he started… a lot more than he ever thought he could and got the life he wanted…  as humble or big.  In his eyes, all that could be seen is what he wanted.  He went for it.  

  1. Stand tall, look forward. 
  2. Deliberately Feel Good for no reason at all.  
  3. Keep feeling that way until your work takes you to another task, and continue feeling good. 

The human brain is a tool of great adaptability and will do what you tell it to, so that as you’re living now you can look into the future and build more of what you want now.  Focus. 

Your purpose in life is as unique to you as your fingerprint. And the iris in your eyes can focus in on what your purpose is—every once in a while, close your eyes in a safe place and see the shimmering light glowing in your future, radiantly.  Light up your future with more pleasure in all you do so that you seek more pleasure because it feels so good.  The more you feel good the more you want to feel better.  

What more is there to life? 

With sincere interest in building your best life,