Motivational Monday

Monday, March 1st 2021

Here’s the funny thing… you can never control someone’s reaction towards you but you can always control or manage your response to it.

When it comes to playing in the field, any field, whether it be a golf course, work and life, challenges will always be a part of life and it’s a matter of the strategy you decide to take to handle it, clearly.  

Some people just get ugly without realizing they’re being that way but they are that way because they believe they are right about what they believe to be true even if it isn’t.  There in lies the irony, the catch 22, the double bind.  

And when you are talented at what you do, and all of you have that one talent as unique to you as your iris, you can bury it because some others hope you do well or you can do anything to add value to other people’s lives.  

So what do YOU do? Just walk away can be one way… everything to defend your self is another way (which may be necessary at times) or do something else to make your self feel better… and do this anyway anytime. 

No relationship is perfect, whether it be with your self or others. But the truth is, you need to live with yourself at all times unlike others. And it’s a matter of deciding who is worthy of your attention to make things work and who isn’t.  In the end, your well being is priority.  

So what can you do to secure your well being: 

  1. Pop-Up Notifications on your phone stress people more often than they provide relief or happiness. Some apps pop up too often and create… fear. You can decide for your self which notifications are better for you to receive and which aren’t… with the on off button for them. So that instead of living in fear, you live in alignment with your  target life  
  2. When you become more aware of your surroundings and what happens around you, ask your self “Am I ok “ and do what you need to do based on the answer you get.  
  3. Make smart decisions that propel you into the future you want.  Act with reasonable judgment regardless of what other people think is more right than you.  People know best themselves what they need especially if responsibilities need to be met They just have to ask themselves the right questions to find what’s right (some questions next week). 

There is no such thing as failure, and no matter how much time you have, there’s always time to avoid reacting irrationally and instead respond beneficially.  And the feedback you get from how you respond let’s you know of you have made the right decision.  

With sincere interest in building your best,