Motivational Monday

Monday, March 8th 2021

This can be applied to anything in life….

Every golf shot is totally different from any other shot taken before—no matter how similar it is. It’s never the same. 

And the irony is—is the way we handle each different shot is a result of how we’ve handled it before. Somehow, the feel of it all comes together.  

And as human as you are, you have great adaptability to adjust to any situation because the brain has this beautiful mechanism and natural skill to respond to any environment. We are truly adaptable to handle anything. 

And while every shot is different, Golfing makes people alert—because the brain learns from what’s different. The more you learn—the more vibrantly activated your brain becomes.  It’s electric!

 …with each golf shot… 1. there is a change of scenery (uphill, downhill, flat, wind, elevation) 2. the ball lies in a totally different place every time until you roll it into a cup 3. from beginning to end, anything can happen and for these reasons each shot is new—that’s what makes it such a great game. You learn so much each time you advance because it’s always different.  

Think of it this way, Jack Nicklaus… the greatest golfer of all time along with Tiger… was good enough only 20% of the time to rank him #1 over and over again.  It was a small percentage that propelled champion results to produce an influential legacy motivating others in the past into today, including Tiger. Tiger upped his consistency to 30% of the time to make him #1.  That’s evolution at it’s best.  

So what’s the big deal if you’re not a golfer. It’s epic. Because we’re living in historically epic times where space is limited, there’s limited escape through travel and the scenery for many of us is the same. But, there’s hope because already the world is opening up. 

In the meantime, how can you be creative enough to create a life of learning more in order to succeed more in the things that really matter to you.  

So what can we do to add some spice to life? Here’s some things: 

  1. Learn something new… a language – Pimsleur makes it so easy to learn a language, you can learn many, fast.  

2.  Pick up an instrument and if you’re already play one, find another. Remember that when you start playing slow, you can build up to playing fast and tease your self by changing the speed by which you play suddenly.  I dare you to start playing piano if you don’t already.  

3.  If you golf, practice in your home, looking at your technique in the mirror.  For more practice drills, my book Play Golf Better Faster has a bunch of them that can be adapted to home. And most of the suggestions in the book can be applied to any skill of life, so you’re gain more adaptability through any experience.  

Experience, the feeling of greatness and making the right decisions—all create magical results in the game… getting what you want that makes you happy.  

With the sincere interest in building your best life ever, 

I’m Kalliope