Motivational Monday


The Brain loves structure even more when life changes around you.

And daily rituals throughout the Day, can be part of that structure. Starting with what you do in the morning to start the day, at what times you eat and moments to have some fun.
The reward of enjoying yourself lets you know it’s time to take any pressure off that May have happened during the Day. And sure, people may say it’s not that easy, but it’s a decision to let the Day roll off behind you and enjoy.

Nowadays, many people are working at home and staying in their pajamas. What they don’t realize is that May be a signal to the brain that the hasn’t started.

That’s why I start the day with dressing up for the day and everything else that will make me feel awake, alive and attentive to whatever happens through the day. By dressing up it dresses up your attitude for the day to take anything on. You always feel different when you put on clothes for a wedding party than you do for going to sleep. How would you rather feel throughout the day?

And when you feed yourself throughout specific time slots throughout the day, it creates a template of refueling that your body will thank you for, provided you avoid food that makes you sleepy during the working day and instead eat things that give you energy.

People need to create their own template for the day because their biological make up is different from anyone else but here are a few things I do.

  1. Clean up and dress up. Put on some make up, feel ready for the day (protecting yourself too -social distancing etc).
  2. Eat a nutritious breakfast but not a huge amount. One half shot of espresso. Start eating lunch between 12-2pm. Have a light dinner before 7pm so that I avoid feeling sluggish in the morning and wake up alert.
  3. Work between meals with nothing other than getting done what needs to get done ✅.
  4. After work ends, engage in something that inspires happiness – watching something funny, being with family, walking the dog.
  5. Have a cup of chamomile to go to sleep

Yes, this is so simple… there isn’t anything shocking about this template but… there are key elements that are lost important.

Eat light at dinner and eat at similar times throughout the day with food that gives you energy. Wake up feeling good regardless of how much you need to protect you and your loved ones throughout this time.

You’re alive. So… thrive.
With sincere interest in building your best,