Motivational Monday

January 18th, 2021

So it’s time to let the pressure off, physically inside your body with what you eat to reduce inflammation and fat.

Yeah, it’s more of how you can let this virus know you are strong enough not to be f—-kd with. Because it’s going after the weak. And it’s the best time to be strong 💪🏼beyond your imagination.

So here are some foods to avoid to take the pressure off:

1️⃣Anything Refined Especially Processed Carbohydrates: flour in bread, cereals and anything else that’s a carb that doesn’t have one ingredient, naturally… Now they’re saying that these foods are causing more obesity than fats.

2️⃣MSG, Gluten in moderation Aspartame.

3️⃣Sugar and alcohol that turns into sugar. I know there’s some of you who drink some wine or other things with alcohol in it to take away the pain if you have any but the truth is is that what you think is making you feel better is actually making the condition worse. So if you must drink, drink less alcohol and more water. Sometimes water can give you the thrill in your head you’re looking for because it’s like putting oil in your car… water just makes your body run smoothly, drain out inflammation and the impure toxins.

By reducing or eliminating these foods you reduce what’s inflamed…. so pain or the likelihood of any future pain lessens, you look happier and feel better.

The pressure is taken off without you even thinking about it.

For now, you know what foods to avoid as you eat healthy. Next week, it’ll be more about what you can eat.

With sincere interest in building your best,