Master Class with Dr. Richard Bandler

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2 hours with Dr Richard Bandler and Kalliope (Recorded Webinar)


Conducted EST – USA Time: June 5th, 2020 10:30 a.m.

CEU/ PDA: There are no CEU’s or PDA’s offered with this class. Though in the near future there may be a possibility of the same. Participants will be informed if that happens.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites, If you are someone who has a curiosity about NLP or wants to learn more about how it is evolving, you are welcome to watch and gain new ideas for free.

Downloads and Notes: Transcript of the talk will be provided after the completion.

Cost: Free! Our gift to all people curious about the luminary genius and the skills he co-created and evolved to make you smarter.



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This is our gift to you!

Dr. Richard Bandler is known by millions as the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®. He is loved by many millions for the deep and profound change he has inspired in their lives to be better at who they are and what they do.

Kalliope mentored with him for over a decade and since has written three best-selling books, produced a television show called Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom©, and helped thousands of people become better at what they do to earn a living as well as become more loving spouses, parents, and/or brothers and sisters. She does this by delivering NLP training, as a process consultant, licensing others as Practitioners, Master Practitioners, and Coaches of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She also shares her training through her TEDx Talk, Corporate events, and Public speaking engagements.

Learn while you watch and listen how the skills that Dr. Bandler developed and evolved can guide you to optimize what you do because you can always change who you are and what you do by how you think. He says, “When you change how you think, it changes how you feel and therefore changes what you can do.”

This webinar is free in respect of your growth.



About Dr Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler has been developing NLP for fifty years. He has written over forty books and composed dozens of NLP audios including Personal Enhancement which are available on the app NLP Eternal. His work is used by central intelligence, Fortune 500 companies, major news networks and people who want to make their lives better. Millions of people have been impacted by Dr. Bandler’s work in the most positive way.

When Kalliope realized playing golf professionally wasn’t her calling, she has been using the same NLP skills she learned to get six ‘hole in ones’ to guide people into having well being and success in their lives. It’s all about the pictures inside your head. The Independent named Kalliope the world’s leading phobia expert. After three best-selling books and has helped thousands of people, Kalliope trains people to become a Licensed Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Coach of NLP, internationally. Her TEDx Talk is approaching one million views.

There are no CEU’S or PDA’s offered with this class. Though it may in the future when the provider acquired.

Who Can Attend?

If you are someone who has a curiosity about NLP or wants to learn more about how it is evolving, you are welcome to watch and gain new ideas for free. No prerequisites.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the history of NLP.
  • Discover the difference between remembering and thinking.
  • Understand how people do their problems and how any behaviour has structure.
  • Gain knowledge of how the immune system is strengthened through relaxation.
  • How fear deprives people from living their lives and what can be done to stop it.