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Building Your Best Training International is dedicated to making people smarter in order to feel good and have a greater sense of well being in whatever they do in business and personally as husbands, wives, moms & dads. Overall, the energy people get by training with us becomes contagious. 

With us, you learn the skills to reinforce and apply Powerful ideas. Knowledge is truly powerful when applied to what you do. By changing how you think, you can change what you do and who you are! We train people to be more powerful in their lives.

When individuals and firms invest in our training, we invest our time and knowledge back into making their corporates and personal life fulfilling. We achieve this by tailoring our online and in-person training to the needs and wants of the receiver

We promise you a high level of training online and in person. 

Inspiring Intelligence for All.

Meet Our Master Trainer

Our master trainer is international bestselling author Kalliope. As the producer of the television series From Fear to Freedom, she guides people to overcome their fears in just one session. She’s given talks and training internationally. Her best selling books, Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom and the Play Golf Better Faster were the inspiration for TEDx Talk with almost a million views. (available below)

“With a sincere interest in building your best life ever, it will be exciting to train with you in the next training!” I’m Kalliope.

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Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP

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Past (Recorded) Webinars

Public Speaking: How to Deliver A talk that Invigorates Your Audience to Do More

Public speaking causes massive amounts of stress in people who worry about the next time they have to speak to a large group, online or in person. Although it’s not the biggest fear, discover what makes people tighten up when they have to talk to a group of people even though they feel fine talking to one person. Join Kalliope while she shares some secrets on how to feel more comfortable inside your own skin while delivering a talk.

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Zap Your Worries & Bad Memories: How to Let Your Self Go in Order to Thrive

Worry happens when people create the worst scenario, inside their minds, about the future. Bad memories pop up about the worst things that happened in the past, even though the past is over. Yet, people do both all the time to make themselves feel bad when all they have to do is change what they’re thinking in order to feel better. Join her while she shares some secrets to free your self from the worst and instead start building your best. 

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Master Class with Dr. Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler is known by millions as the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®. He is loved by many millions for the deep and profound change he has inspired in their lives to be better at who they are and what they do.

Kalliope mentored with him for over a decade and since has written three best-selling books, produced a television show called Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom©, and helped thousands of people become better at what they do to earn a living as well as become more loving spouses, parents, and/or brothers and sisters. She does this by delivering NLP training, as a process consultant, licensing others as Practitioners, Master Practitioners, and Coaches of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She also shares her training through her TEDx Talk, Corporate events, and Public speaking engagements.

Learn while you watch and listen how the skills that Dr. Bandler developed and evolved can guide you to optimize what you do because you can always change who you are and what you do by how you think. He says, “When you change how you think, it changes how you feel and therefore changes what you can do.”

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